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What is a "guest house/share house" ?
Imagine a place where people welcome you back when you return home. You have your own private space, but friends are always around the corner. With students, professionals, and expats from around the world hanging out, it’s a fun place to live. Typically cheaper than regular apartments, guest houses also come with ready-to-use furniture and appliances.

DK House's "Guest House Revolution"... Unbeatable Features!
 (1) High quality accommodations. Upscale buildings and classy interiors.
 (2) Large-scale facilities only with an average of 100+ rooms.
 (3) Friendly, bilingual staff on duty brings peace of mind.
 (4) Equipped with security systems. (self-locking doors, security cameras, gender separated floors)
 (5) Common areas cleaned daily. Always immaculate.

What is DK HOUSE, the International House?

No guarantor necessary.
Low initial cost.
Internet access will be available for all private rooms on the day of arrival.
Communal computers are also available.
Rooms are fully equipped with furniture, dishes and kitchen utensils.
Start your new life with only a suitcase no worries.
You will meet a lot of people from different parts of the world and with different experiences. The building will be kept in a clean and sanitary condition by professional cleaners. Various events and parties will be held, such as "Japan Culture Class". Satisfying
Bilingual Staff On Duty
Bilingual and hospitable staff are on duty, so you can rest easy and feel at home. They are there to support you like family and deal with any issues should they arise.

The building is tightly secured 24 hours a day!
The secure building provides a woman living alone for the first time with safety. Friendly bilingual concierges are on duty to support your life.
Bilingual Staff On DutySafe


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