Personal Information Protection

We recognize the importance of the personal information and, about the handling and protection, will cope as follows.

A policy of the personal information protection

We respect laws and ordinances about the personal information protection and social order and keep absolutely quiet and try for the reasonable handling and protection of the personal information.

A use purpose of personal information

We use the personal information of the visitor for the purpose of the right note. In addition, we will cancel the use of by the proposal from the person himself.

  • An advertisement by the search of the opponent of a sales contract and the intermediation contract of the real estate, the Internet, the handbill.
  • Buying and selling / the lease of the real estate, those substitution / intermediation, management, the conclusion of the contracts such as parking lot businesses and an offer of service / the labor, news about duties such as the maintenance, duties, in addition, to accompany.
  • It is donated as price assessment about buying and selling / the lease of the real estate and grounds of the opinion to the third person.
  • Investigation analysis such as mail, a telephone, a business activity by E-mails and marketing campaign and customer trend analysis or an article / the business model development.

An offer to the personal information third person

As for the personal information that we hold, is an above purpose other than the case based on a rule of laws and ordinances; a document, a mail telephone, the Internet, an E-mail, advertising media this; resemble it, and depend, and will cancel the offer to the partner ahead.

(1) Partner ahead offering personal information

  • A person becoming the opponent of the contract, the prospective customer.
  • A person becoming the opponent of the contract, the prospective customer.
  • The publication supplier of the advertisement, a real estate enterprise group.
  • A designated distribution system.(Article registration, a notice of making a promise and enforcement such as business that we use data of the mechanism, the price assessment)
  • A judicial scrivener about the registration, a land main building investigation person.
  • A financial institution about financing.
  • A management company about real estate management.
  • If necessary our duties trust and a business partner and a trust secret service, a real estate research organ.

(2) The item of offered personal information

The item of the range that is necessary for the use purposes such as a name, an address, a phone number, article information, making a promise information mentioned above.

The inquiry window about the personal information

Daiichi Kousan Co., Ltd. : The first fixed occupation stocks management Press and Information Office consultation window.

4-3-11, Nihonbashi-Muromachi,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 103‐0022
Daiichi Kousan Co., Ltd. DK HOUSE dept.
TEL: + 81-(3)-3273-2122
FAX: + 81-(3)-6225-2500
*For security purpose, please transmit the address copied,
pasted with @mark changed with half size font.

About the proposals such as the disclosure of the personal information, a correction, the use stop, please contact it to this place.