Q :How much do I need for initial costs?
A :We will ask you to pay the deposit, a common-area fee (utilities included), rent for the first month, and a rental fee for bedding, if necessary. However, costs may vary depending on which house or room you choose.
Please click here for details.
Q :How much will I need to pay for maintenance?
A :We won't charge you for maintenance. (DK・T House residents must, however, pay a maintenance fee.)
Q :Is at least one week possible during the moving in?
A :Contracts usually start at three months. For those who want to stay less than three months, please feel free to contact us.
Q :Is it possible to cancel the contract mid-way?
A :Yes. A one-month advance notice is necessary.
Q : Can I extend the rental contract?
A :Yes, the contract can be renewed upon expiration. The renewal fee is 15,000 yen.
Q :Can I share a room?
A :Q :Can I share a room?
A :There are double occupancy rooms available at DK HOUSE Tokyo-Shinkoiwa and Sapporo.
There are only single occupancy rooms available at DK HOUSE Tokyo-Nerima.
Q :Will my deposit be refunded when I move out?
A :We will refund a part of your deposit when you leave the property. However, we might charge you fees for either fixing or cleaning if your room has been seriously damaged during your tenancy. These fees will be deducted from your deposit.
Q :How do I apply?
A :Please click here for details.
Q :Can I reserve a room?
A :Yes,you can book a room 3months in advance. The room reservation is applied when the first payment is made.
Q :How much is the cancellation charge?
A :In accordance with our policy, a cancellation fee will arise.
You are required to pay a down payment(security deposit)20000JPY as the cancellation fee. However, If you moving in with in 3 months after the cancellation,the cancellation fee 20000JPY charged previously will alloted to the next payment.
Q :What do I need to bring with me when I move in?
A :Please bring your own bedding, room shoes, and toiletries if necessary.
You can also rent our bedding upon request.

About Our Facilities

Q :What is the surrounding environment like?
A :You can make use of the town guides available at each of our houses for your comfort and safety.

DK HOUSE KOBE "Area guide"
Q :What is the room furnished with?
A :All rooms are fully furnished with a bed, book shelves and a fridge.
As room furnishings will vary depending on which room you choose, please go to the "Rooms and Facilities" page on our website for further details.

DK HOUSE SAPPORO "Rooms and Facilities"
DK HOUSE TOKYO-SHINKOIWA "Rooms and Facilities"
DK HOUSE TOKYO-NERIMA "Rooms and Facilities"
DK HOUSE KOBE "Rooms and Facilities"
Q :What do you have in your common areas?
A :You will find lobbies, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, shower facilities, laundry rooms, TV rooms, and PC rooms. Some DK HOUSEs have luxurious facilities such as gyms, saunas and patios.
Q :Can I smoke?
A :You are not allowed to smoke in the house. However, each house has some smoking areas.


Q :Is there parking space for my scooter or bike?
A :Yes, but you may be charged in some houses. You can park your car at DK HOUSE Sapporo.
Q :Can family members stay with me?
A :Yes, they can stay by paying a fee. Please inquire for details.
Q :Where should I put out the garbage?
A :We ask each of our residents to take their garbage out to our garbage collection area after separating and organizing it.