No commission or guarantor necessary. Furnished shared housing for rent.

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Our brand-new DK HOUSE Tokyo-Shinkoiwa couldn't be in a better location! The major JR stations (Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya) can all be reached within 30 minutes, and a mere 8-minute walk will bring you to JR Shin-koiwa station.
The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, but, at the same time, several super-markets around the station will cater to your daily needs.
Once you step through the gate, a beautiful resort-like path will lead you past our luxurious garden patio, with its deck chairs, table and garden, to the main entrance.
Our Play Room is also equipped with various game tables, such as billiards and darts, making the house an even more appealing space for international interaction.

Reasonably priced initial expenditure DK HOUSE TOKYO-SHINKOIWA price

Nearest station
Shinkoiwa station on the JR Sobu Line
8 minute walk to the station
Number of rooms
163 rooms
(A:155 rooms B:8 rooms)
Floor area
Room area
type of contract
Term building lease contract
Administration fee
A:(Single room)¥30,000
B:(Twin room)¥60,000
Deposit (fully refunded)
A:(Single room)¥20,000
B:(Twin room)¥40,000
Rent / month
A:(Single room)¥55,000
B:(Room for 2 person with kitchen)¥80,000 /(Room for 2 person without kitchen)¥70,000
Common service fee
A:(Single room)¥15,000
B:(Twin room) ¥22,500
internet fee
Included in the common service fee
Common area utilities
Included in the common service fee
Room Electricity Fee
Included in the Common Service Fee
※If your electricity usage significantly exceeds 100kWh per month,
you can be charged for the excess amount.
Parking lot for bicycles
bicycles : 6 months single lump sum credit
¥1,100 / 6 months
Parking lot for mortorbicycle
¥2,750 / months
contract renewal fee
Rent calculated on a daily basis
(including common service fee)
for the first calendar month
Single room ¥2,500
Twin room ¥3,500
Bedding rental
1 month ¥5,000, 2 months ¥8,500
3 months ¥10,500, 4 months ¥11,500
6 months ¥14,000, 12 months ¥17,000

Only 12 minutes from Tokyo station and 30 minutes from other major stations!

route map

8-minute walk from "JR Sobu Line (Rapid)" and "JR Yokosuka Line" Shin-koiwa station.
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Travel time to major stations
13 minutes from Tokyo
29 minutes from Shinjuku
36 minutes from Shibuya
34 minutes from Ikebukuro
21 minutes from Ueno
14 minutes from Akihabara


・Friday (1st,3rd,and 5th Friday are afternoon off)
(2nd and 4th Friday are whole day off)
・Saturday is whole day off in every week.

4-4-5 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 124-0024 Japan
TEL: 03-3656-8160 (International: +81-3-3656-8160)